CST Pulse CS03 and CS04 Tires

Provides excellent traction in any terrain from loose to hard pack. 6-ply rated carcass minimizes sidewall roll and provides cornering confidence. Front tire features knobs with numerous biting edges for maximum steering assurance. Rear knobs feature a 15 degrees reinforcing angle, ensuring predictable sliding and increased knob life.

Part Number Size Color Price Add To Cart
681421 - CS03 22X7X10 PULSE 6PR FRT
Mfg # TM16154000
22x7-10$102.00Out of Stock
681422 - CS03 23X7X10 PULSE 6PR FRT
Mfg # TM16217800
23x7-10$111.00Out of Stock
681425 - CS04 20X11X9 PULSE 6PR REAR
Mfg # TM00059200
20x11-9$117.00Out of Stock
681460 - CS04 20X10-9 PULSE 6PR REAR
Mfg # TM00147200
20x10-9$113.00Out of Stock
681461 - CS04 22X10-9 PULSE 6PR REAR
Mfg # TM00650200
22x10-9$124.00Out of Stock
681462 - CS04 22X10-10 PULSE 6PR REAR
Mfg # TM07290000
22x10-10$127.00Out of Stock